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Health Campaigns: 2020 NHS pay rise campaign

Nearly half a million UNISON members work in the NHS and for organisations providing NHS services in all four countries of the UK. We recognise and defend the rights of all workers in the health service. By working together within UNISON, health sector workers are better able to fight for change.

Turn appreciation and applause for NHS staff into an early wage rise, say health unions

UNISON is leading the campaign for NHS staff to get a proper pay rise this year.

UNISON and 13 other health unions, representing more than 1.3 million NHS employees, have urged the Chancellor and Prime Minister to provide funding for an early pay rise for all NHS staff.


The coronavirus pandemic has led to overwhelming public support for NHS staff pay rises

85% support a rise in NHS staff pay and 66% believe a wage increase for employees — including healthcare assistants, nurses, hospital porters, midwives, paramedics and cleaners — should be significant in light of the Covid-19 pandemic’.

Have your say on NHS pay!  To share your perspective on what a pay rise would mean to you please fill in the online form and we, with your permission, will use your words and pictures on social media and in the press to help make the case for an early pay rise.

Health workers are currently in the final year of a three-year deal. They’re due a pay rise next April, but unions want the government to show its appreciation for NHS staff by bringing it forward to this year.

We are calling on the government to move NHS pay forward by:

  • Committing to immediate discussions on pay;
  • Recognising the importance of tackling vacancies across the NHS;
  • Delivering an early deal that reaches members’ pockets before 2021, helping to retain staff;
  • Integrating an NHS pay deal into plans to boost local economies;
  • Guaranteeing additional funding for employers and to cover meaningful early pay increases – with the flow-through to devolved funding arrangements allowing all parts of the UK to move forward on NHS pay. Additional funding should also be provided via commissioners to ensure all staff who provide NHS services receive a meaningful pay rise.