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About the Branch

Suffolk Area Health Branch works in partnership to promote and enhance initiatives which benefit staff members and which further UNISON’s policies.

Our Structure

Suffolk Area Health Branch support Unison health care members across Suffolk.  Our branch covers a wide area but is structured with a single overall branch committee.  We are based at West Suffolk Hospital but we encourage Suffolk Area Health Branch members from any employer to become involved, so please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Unison Rep.

Local Convenor

West Suffolk Foundation Trust has an elected representative (Local Convenor) who attends the relevant Joint Negotiating Committee or Joint Staff Forum (known as the Trust Council). This is where your views are put forward to your employer and where negotiation and consultation takes place which may affect your terms and conditions.


The Branch Stewards represent and protect members’ interests through negotiations and consultations with employers. This includes individual representation when members need us. If you are interested in becoming a Steward please contact the branch.

Learning Reps.

The Union Learning Reps (ULRs) at Suffolk Area Health Branch champion the importance of training and development in the workplace. They help individual members arranging learning/ training opportunities and supporting learners on their learning pathway. If you are interested in becoming a ULR please contact the branch.
SAH Branch CommitteeNameContact
Chair, Education Officer and StewardJanet
Secretary and StewardPaul
Assistant Secretary, Welfare Officer and StewardLiz
Disability Officer and Steward for CommunityCharmaine
BAME Black Members' Officer and StewardEmmanuel
Communications Officer and StewardLaura
Steward (Theatres) Janet Jordanjanet,
Steward (British Association of Occupational Therapy)Ann Alexander
Steward (British Association of Occupational Therapy)Catrina Wigmore
Steward (GP Federation)Sarah
Vice Treasurer and Steward (CCG)Julie Hattrell

Branch Committee

The branch committee is made up of elected Branch Officers and Stewards. The branch committee governs the overall branch activity, and meets every month. Dates of upcoming meetings are shown in ‘Branch News’ on our Home Page.


In line with UNISON’s rules for branches, we have an Annual General Meeting each year, where all members are invited to come along and hear what the branch has been doing, to elect the branch committee and stewards, and to put forward any motions/ rule changes for the coming year. We hope you’ll come along – these meetings are very important for the running of the branch.  Invitations to the AGM are sent out in advance by email or post to members. Please ensure you have notified Unison of any changes to your contact details.